C-Kore’s Subsea Technology expands to West Africa assisted by VAYCO Oil Tools & Cranium Engineering

C-Kore Systems, a UK based company, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with VAYCO Oil Tools to promote their C-Kore Subsea Testing Tools in Nigeria and other West Africa countries.

The C-Kore testing tools save customers significant time and money on installation/commissioning campaigns and fault-finding operations by automating and significantly speeding up the subsea testing process. The units are pre-programmed to test as chosen by the customer. They are quickly installed subsea and provide accurate results by removing the effects of down-lines, weather conditions and operator error in traditional testing equipment.

Mike McVay, Managing Director of VAYCO Oil Tools, stated: “We look forward to working closely with C-Kore Systems to bring their umbilical measurement and diagnostic technology to the West African market, assisted by our local JV partner Cranium Engineering, based in Nigeria. Our aim is to replicate the success C-Kore System have had in Europe and the Americas by offering C-Kore’s unique technology together with our existing Subsea hardware product line and services to provide customers with added value and significant cost savings.”

Sola Adekunle, CEO of Cranium Engineering Ltd. added: “Cranium is excited about deploying this New Technology for the first time in Nigeria and across West Africa, adding direct value to our clients’ bottom line by simplifying Integrity Monitoring, thereby reducing Operating Costs and Production Deferment. Cranium is a Specialist Engineering Service Provider and VAYCO Oil Tools with their partnership with C-Kore is a perfect fit into Cranium’s portfolio of Innovative Solutions for Deepwater players.”

Tim Overfield, managing director of C-Kore said, “This is an exciting step for C-Kore Systems. We are pleased to be working with VAYCO Oil Tools and their local Nigerian partner, Cranium Engineering. Our C-Kore Subsea Testing technology offers great savings to operators, especially in the deep-water applications in the West African region.”

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C-Kore is certified to the new ISO 9001:2015 standard

C-Kore Systems Ltd. has been approved and certified by TÜV (UK) as conforming to the new ISO 9001:2015 standard in Quality Management System.  The scope of the certification is: “The design, manufacture and through-life engineering services of subsea measurement instruments.”

Tim Overfield, Managing Director of C-Kore Systems Ltd. said: “We are delighted to have received ISO 9001:2015 certification as it illustrates to our customers, suppliers and partners that C-Kore Systems Ltd. is committed to continually improving all aspects of its business.  Furthermore, it demonstrates that in order to be the default tool for field testing of subsea umbilicals, cables and equipment by the World’s leading Oil and Gas companies, we continue our investment in quality, design, technology, resources and business processes.  The new quality standard, with its increased requirements is an external recognition of our Quality Policy to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our products and services.”

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C-Kore Enables Subsea Testing of SCMs

Subsea UK News reports on C-Kore Systems becoming the preferred partner of choice with both operators and installations contractors, saving them money on fault finds and installation/commisioning campaigns.

The article highlights the use of C-Kore units both on land and subsea to test the health or find faults in all electrical asstes, including umbilicals, EFLs, SCMs and distribution units. Due to the use of low voltage technology there is no risk of damage to SCMs.

For the full article please see Subsea UK News – January issue


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Welcome – New Website

Welcome to the updated C-Kore website, we hope you can find everything you need.

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