C-Kore’s 100th Subsea Testing Unit Deployed

C-Kore’s 100th Subsea Testing Unit Deployed

C-Kore Systems, has recently celebrated the deployment of its 100th C-Kore unit. This milestone was reached on a fault-finding campaign with a major oil company in the North Sea.

The units have simplified subsea testing in over 30 different fields worldwide and helped both major oil companies and their installation contractors on installation/construction and fault-finding campaigns. The easy-to-use units save customers time and money by considerably reducing the time needed for electrical testing, providing quick and accurate insulation resistance and continuity measurements of electrical lines.

Over 20 new assets have been installed subsea worldwide. The low-voltage testing technology even allows safe measurement of sensitive electronic equipment and SCMs. The compact size of the units allows for quick movement through subsea fields in fault-finding operations, locating over 30 faults to date. The time savings are significant with one customer even saving 5 vessel days in a single campaign!

Tim Overfield, managing director of C-Kore commented, “This success is a great testament to our game changing technology and hard work. Keeping the units simple to use, while giving quick and accurate test results saves our customers a lot of money. The fact that our customers repeatedly come back with new deployment opportunities for our technology really proves their added value.”


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