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C-Kore Cable Monitor

C-Kore Cable Monitor

The C-Kore Cable Monitor is a compact automated tool for testing subsea electrical assets. It can be configured in advance by C-Kore System Ltd or set up in the field easily by the end-user. The Cable Monitor is a very versatile product but remains easy to use.

It can be used for both fault-finding and construction campaigns. Compared to downlines or platform-led testing for fault-finding, it is fast and simple to deploy to get accurate data on the health of subsea assets. By measuring directly subsea substantial vessel time and cost savings are made, allowing more faults to be found and fixed with shorter campaigns.

When installing new equipment the Cable Monitor should be fitted as early as possible, ideally just after factory FAT of umbilicals or equipment. It then remains in place during load-out, transit, lay and wet-storage, taking scheduled automated measurements. This eliminates the delays and costs associated with manual measurement. As the unit is deployed along with the equipment, the second end of umbilicals are not deployed blind and asset health can be confirmed all the way to point of hook-up.

The unit is powered by a high-capacity rechargeable battery for stand-alone operation. Simple user configuration is possible with a plug-and-play USB connection to choose what the unit will test and when. Every result is data-logged, with internal storage allowing years of data to be gathered.

Main Benefits

  • Save vessel and personnel costs with fast automated testing
  • Measure directly subsea for repeatable, reliable test results
  • Track asset health from factory floor to subsea hook-up
  • Safe for divers and SCMs, high-voltage permits not required



C-Kore units are available with a wide-range of connector and body styles to suit any application. We hold a large stock of parts to allow a rapid response to urgent enquiries. If your connector is not shown or you have a unique mechanical arrangement, please get in touch as we have other solutions available.

  • Siemens (Tronic) DigiTRON version with both ROV and Diver options

  • Teledyne ODI Nautilus version with both ROV and Diver options

  • Both genders stocked in 4, 7 & 12-ways for all connector families

  • Official parts from original connector manufacturers, we work closely with Siemens and Teledyne

  • Large stock of standard connectors to react quickly to urgent requirements

  • Other connector types are available on request, including Tronic Mini-CE and Diamould connectors


  • Compact design for easy handling

  • Appropriate for most deployments

  • Suitable for diver or ROV


  • Straight design to prevent clashes

  • Appropriate when access is restricted

  • Suitable for diver or ROV

The C-Kore Rental Service


A copy of the C-Kore Config App is saved on the internal storage of every C-Kore unit. When the C-Kore system is connected to a PC using the supplied USB cable a removable drive will appear in Windows. Just start the program to edit configuration settings and download results using a simple interface.

The configuration application works on PCs running Microsoft Windows. The software runs directly and does not require any special installation steps.


The C-Kore units are small and self-contained, allowing for simple handling on the deck and subsea. To save time they can be deployed in the ROV tooling tray, diver cage or basket.

The exact unit specification varies with the measurement connector type, details for a typical unit are given below:

  • T-Shape Dimensions: 355 x 258 x 124 mm

  • In-Line Dimensions: 357 x 112 x 88 mm  (without ROV handle)

  • Weight (in air): 5 – 7kg

  • Depth Rating: 3000 msw

  • Operating Temperature: -10°C to +60°C

C-Kore Transit

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