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C-Kore Pressure Monitor

C-Kore Pressure Monitor

The C-Kore Pressure Monitor is a simple but versatile tool for monitoring fluid lines during asset installation, for example umbilical cables. It is very compact allowing easy integration onto stab-plates and test fixtures.

When installing new assets the pressure monitor is used to prove that the fluid lines have been correctly pressurised and detect any leaks that occur, removing the need for manual measurement. The units can be deployed subsea with the equipment and remain fitted during wet-storage until the point of hook-up. The pressure monitor can be connected to a nearby Cable Monitor or TDR to show results on the display. It is also possible to daisy-chain multiple pressure monitors together for measuring different fluid lines. Every reading is timestamped and stored in internal memory.

The unit is powered by a high-capacity battery for stand-alone operation. Simple user configuration is possible with a plug-and-play USB connection.

Pressure Monitor Linked to Cable Monitor

Main Benefits

  • Save vessel and personnel costs with automated measurement
  • Measure directly subsea and log wet-storage pressures
  • Track asset health from factory floor to subsea hook-up
  • Integrates with other C-Kore products for data collection


The C-Kore Rental Service


Pressure Monitor Laptop

A copy of the C-Kore Config App is saved on the internal storage of every C-Kore unit. When the C-Kore system is connected to a PC using the supplied USB cable a removable drive will appear in Windows. Just start the program to edit configuration settings and download results using a simple interface.

The configuration application works on PCs running Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 10. The software runs directly and does not require any special installation steps.


The C-Kore Pressure Monitor units are small and self-contained, allowing for simple integration.
Details for a typical unit are given below:

  • Interface: Autoclave F-250-C high pressure port (as standard)

  • Dimensions: 163 x 50 x 50 (mm) – excluding fittings

  • Weight (in air): 1.6 kg

  • Depth Rating: 4000 msw

  • Operating Temperature: -10°C to +60°C

C-Kore Pressure Monitor

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