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C-Kore Subsea Modem

C-Kore Subsea Modem

The C-Kore Subsea Modem allows reconfiguration and data download from C-Kore units whilst subsea. While a C-Kore unit’s built-in display is normally sufficient for instant feedback, the Subsea Modem allows for full result retrieval without recovery to the deck.

The Subsea Modem is built from standard C-Kore parts making it easy to deploy and handle subsea. It is designed for short-range optical communication. The compact unit features a handle to allow the ROV to position the Subsea Modem for the optimum connection, even when the C-Kore units are in awkward locations. The Subsea Modem only requires an RS232 data-link to the surface in order to operate and interfaces with the standard C-Kore software.

Once connected to a C-Kore unit the Subsea Modem can be used to perform any of the operations that would normally be conducted via USB on the deck. This includes changing device settings and downloading full test results. For example, you can use the Subsea Modem to download TDR traces before recovering the C-Kore units to deck. This speeds up operations when the test results influence the critical decision path.

Main Benefits

  • Reconfigure C-Kore units whilst subsea
  • Download full test results without recovery to deck
  • Designed for simple deployment via ROV
  • Easy integration using a standard RS232 data-link


The C-Kore Rental Service


A copy of the C-Kore Config App is provided with the Subsea Modem.The application will search for C-Kore units using the Subsea Modem and allow connection to any it finds. Once connected the program can be used to edit configuration settings and download results using a simple interface.

The configuration application works on PCs running Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 10. The software runs directly and does not require any special installation steps.


The Subsea Modem is designed for simple integration.
Details for a typical unit are given below:

  • Dimensions: 267 x 258 x 124 mm - excluding cable

  • Weight (in air): 7 kg

  • Depth Rating: 3000 msw

  • Operating Temperature: -10°C to +60°C

  • Interface: RS232 (115.2k baud), ROV Power (optional)

Supplied with C-Kore standard cables and components for ROV integration.
Custom interface cables available upon request.

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