FFU reports on C-Kore supply to Statoil

FFU reports on C-Kore supply to Statoil

The C-Kore Subsea Testing Tool was deployed by Statoil to verify the integrity and continuity of a 19km cable as it was installed on their Troll field located in the North Sea. As the cable was buried during the installation, it was important to monitor the cable during the entire operation.

The C-Kore Subsea Testing Tool tested the cable before the on-board lifting operation, during lay and before burial. The ease of use and quick results gave instant feedback and provided early warning and opportunity for correction if necessary.

The C-Kore Subsea Testing tool saves customers time and money on installation projects and fault finding campaigns while providing fast and accurate data on the health of the system.

C-Kore greatly reduces the time needed to perform electrical testing on subsea equipment (such as umbilicals, power cables, subsea control modules, etc) and eliminates the problems error-prone manual measurement techniques encounter by automating the entire testing process. The quick and accurate data provided allows customers to deploy equipment quickly.

More faults are found in a shorter time span on subsea operations, eliminating the need for multiple fault finding campaigns. With some customers shaving as much as 5 days off of the vessel time required to perform an operation, (vessel prices can run in the thousands of pounds per day), this is quite significant savings!

Arnstein Austrheim Lid, Senior Engineer Operations Subsea in Statoil, “The C-Kore unit proved to be a simple and effective way of monitoring the status of the cable during all stages of the operation. The ease of use, the simple way of connection to a [laptop] to download the measurements and the fact that the unit could be left installed on the termination box during deployment of the last cable end makes it easy to recommend this solution for future projects.”

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