C-Kore’s new product, Topside Wireless Modem, improves safety on the back-deck during umbilical installations

C-Kore Systems is launching a new product, their Topside Wireless Modem at GUH’s Subsea Expo Exhibition in Aberdeen.  This latest product completes their line of test tools to now offer a complete solution for Umbilical Installation Monitoring.  The Topside Wireless Modem improves safety on back-deck operations by reducing the risk to offshore personnel while monitoring the deployment of umbilicals.

The Topside Wireless Modem provides a live dashboard of C-Kore test results, presenting the user with a consolidated view of the health of an umbilical before it is deployed subsea.  The results are accessed over Wi-Fi to allow access of the data in the onboard cabin, eliminating the need for offshore personnel to access the potentially hazardous umbilical area during installation.

C-Kore Systems has a range of subsea testing tools used globally by operators and contractors on        de-commissioning, fault-finding operations, and new installation campaigns.  The tools are easy to deploy and are operated without the need for C-Kore personnel being present, providing rapid and accurate feedback.  This combination of simplicity, accuracy and reliability introduces significant operational savings to testing campaigns.

Greg Smith, C-Kore’s Operations Director commented, “The Topside Wireless Modem is the last puzzle piece to offer a complete monitoring solution to our customers.  The Topside Wireless Modem improves the safety on the back-deck.  Offshore personnel no longer need to access the umbilical during installation to gather test results.  All the data is sent wirelessly to the cabin”.

Greg Smith continued, “Not only is safety on the back-deck improved, but the vessel time needed to deploy umbilicals is also reduced.  By automating the testing process, the installation does not need to be stopped to complete manual testing of the umbilical.  Designing our tools to be simple to use also means no additional offshore personnel are required, reducing the POD needed.  We give a complete online interactive training to our customers to ensure they are comfortable using our testing tools prior to the mobilisations”.

C-Kore Systems will have the Topside Wireless Modem along with their other Subsea Testing tools at stand No.50 at Subsea Expo.  Why not stop by or visit their website for further information on their innovative subsea testing technology, www.c-kore.com.

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C-Kore work with Cranium Engineering on another successful Nigerian deployment

C-Kore’s Subsea Testing tools have successfully completed a complex subsea electrical integrity campaign for a major oil operator in Nigeria, via VAYCO Oil Tools and their Nigerian partner, Cranium Engineering.  C-Kore was selected as fast and accurate measurement was essential to minimise disruption during Turn Around Maintenance (TAM) on the FPSO and remove the need for any additional offshore personnel.

C-Kore’s self-contained and automated subsea testing units are used on both asset integrity and installation operations to verify the health of subsea electrical systems.  The Cable Monitor unit tests the insulation resistance and continuity of the electrical line while the Subsea TDR unit localises faults with an accuracy of around 20 cm.

Sola Adekunle, CEO of Cranium Engineering commented, “Our customer was completely satisfied with how the C-Kore units worked.  The ease of use along with the quick results kept disruption to the FPSO maintenance operations to a minimum.  Removing the need for additional offshore personnel simplified the whole operation.  Our customer will definitely be using the C-Kore tools again”.

Cynthia Pikaar, Sales & Marketing Director of C-Kore Systems continues, “We have a great relationship with VAYCO Oil Tools and Cranium Engineering.  They extend our excellent customer support to the local market.  C-Kore backs up the local representatives with OEM technical support, procedure writing and result analysis to provide outcomes that the end user is extremely pleased with”.

C-Kore Systems is celebrating their second Queen’s Award for Enterprise, this time in the International Trade category.  For further information on their innovative subsea testing technology, please visit their website, www.c-kore.com.

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C-Kore Systems Welcomes New Board Members

Following continued growth C-Kore Systems is pleased to announce the appointment of Greg Smith and Cynthia Pikaar to the C-Kore Board of Directors.

Greg is one of the founding members of C-Kore and has held the title of General Manager since its inception.   With a first-class honours (with distinction) degree in Electronic Engineering, Greg designed C-Kore’s first product the “C-Kore Cable Monitor”.  As Operations Director, Greg leads the C-Kore Design and Production Teams in translating customers’ requirements into new C-Kore products to Simplify Subsea Testing.

Cynthia joined C-Kore shortly after the companies’ launch to take up the role of Sales and Marketing Manager.  As a mechanical engineer with a background in the design of cables and umbilicals she was an ideal choice to promote C-Kore’s innovative equipment to the subsea industry.  As Sales & Marketing Director, Cynthia, with the assistance of her growing Sales Team (hand-picked for their vast knowledge of the subsea industry), will continue to show more operators and contractors how C-Kore’s services save them both time and money on their offshore campaigns.

Tim Overfield, Managing Director of C-Kore says, “I am delighted to have Greg and Cynthia join the          C-Kore Board of Directors.  Their hard work and commitment has grown C-Kore to what it is today”.

Greg commented, “We have a great team who have not only transformed once complex subsea testing techniques into simple easy-to-use tools, but also provide world-class service to our customers.  I look forward to continuing to lead our team as we help our customers perform their subsea testing in the most efficient way possible.”

Cynthia continued, “It is satisfying to see our core markets in the UK and Australia continue to grow year on year.  We have now deployed in over 20 countries with particular interest in North & South America, and Africa this year. Along with our great Sales Team, I look forward to promoting C-Kore’s message further around the globe.”

As a two-time winner of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation 2019 and International Trade Award 2021, C-Kore are committed to continually developing ways to undertake subsea testing.  As the industry as a whole look to the future and how they can improve current working practices and/or transition to new ways of energy production, these appointments confirm C-Kore’s continued commitment to being an organisation with industry knowledge right at the heart of it.

Greg and Cynthia pictured at Buckingham Palace for the Royal Reception in celebration of receiving The Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation 2019

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C-Kore TDR article published in UT3

C-Kore is pleased to share this months issue of UT3 magazine from the Society of Underwater Technology, featuring a 4-page explainer on TDR technology from C-Kore’s Greg Smith. This provides a background on TDR technology and recent advances realised by moving to direct subsea measurement.

Click here to view the article

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C-Kore Systems successfully completes A/S Norske Shell contract

C-Kore Systems have successfully completed a contract with A/S Norske Shell, where their C-Kore Subsea Testing tools were used to assist with fault-finding in the Draugen field in Norway.  With the use of the C-Kore tools, Shell was able to quickly locate the source of low IR on the field.

C-Kore’s monitoring units are used on installation/commissioning campaigns and fault-finding applications to monitor the electrical lines of subsea equipment. By testing directly onto subsea equipment, the need for platform led testing or down-lines is eliminated, significantly decreasing the time required for subsea testing and saving costs.

Børge Nedal, Shell’s Maintenance Discipline Engineer Subsea Controls said, “We had already spent a lot of time performing testing prior to using C-Kore which hadn’t produced definitive answers.  The C-Kore tools were very easy to use and quickly confirmed where the fault was.  Using the C-Kore tools was a positive experience.”

Greg Smith, General Manager for C-Kore Systems added, “Our design philosophy has always been to keep the tools really simple to use, yet versatile.  It’s great to hear that our units are leading to positive outcomes for our customers and reducing costs of subsea testing by saving them vessel time.”

C-Kore Systems has recently brought out a new brochure.  To download it, or for further information on our innovative subsea testing technology, please visit our website, www.c-kore.com.

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