C-Kore Subsea Testing Units Deployed for Chrysaor

C-Kore Subsea Testing Units Deployed for Chrysaor

C-Kore Systems celebrated another successful deployment in the North Sea for Chrysaor’s Maria field. Once again, the C-Kore subsea testing units demonstrated their value, by reducing the testing time required compared to traditional approaches.

C-Kore’s Cable Monitor Units are used on fault-finding and installation operations to test electrical line health, including insulation resistance and continuity measurement. With C-Kore’s new Subsea TDR units, any faults discovered can also be localized and categorized.

With their small size, the units were easy to deploy to the worksite and easily manoeuvred between various testing locations. They saved time compared to traditional IR platform testing by quickly returning the test results.

Greg Smith, General Manager for C-Kore Systems continued, “It is really very satisfying to hear the positive feedback from our customers. We designed the tools to be versatile while remaining easy to use, a key trait all our customers comment on”.


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