C-Kore Systems to PTTEP Australasia

C-Kore Systems to PTTEP Australasia

UK based C-Kore Systems delivered their subsea monitoring units to PTTEP Australasia for use on the Subsea Equipment Australian Reliability (SEAR) JIP.

The SEAR JIP was formed to meet the challenging subsea conditions faced in Australian waters. C-Kore’s subsea monitoring technology provides quick and reliable information on the electrical condition of subsea assets, eliminating the use of down-lines or the requirement to bring the equipment topside to test.

Chris Merrick, Senior Subsea Engineer for PTTEP, “The C-Kore units were very easy to deploy and during our trial, the results from the C-Kore were compared against a surface based testing suite connected via downline. The accuracy of the C-Kore units was excellent and data recovered was utilised in the final report.”

Tim Overfield, managing director of C-Kore Systems, “We are excited our technology is spreading to the Australian market. While the environmental conditions are quite different to other oil & gas locations, our technology provides great benefits to our customers by saving them time on intervention and installation projects.”


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