C-Kore Subsea Testing units successfully deployed by PTTEP

C-Kore Systems Ltd recently completed another successful deployment for PTTEP Australasia. The supplied C-Kore Subsea Testing units optimized the offshore operation, quickly bringing the field back on-line.

C-Kore’s Subsea Testing tools are used to monitor the health of electrical systems by measuring the insulation resistance and continuity directly onto assets subsea. They are easy to deploy and give quick, accurate results while eliminating the need to work with down-lines.

Tony Suphawat, Electrical & Instrument Engineer at PTTEP commented, “The C-Kore units worked great! These excellent devices quickly located our fault, optimizing our offshore operation. We now have our subsea system back on-line.”

Greg Smith, General Manager of C-Kore continued, “We love to hear such great reactions from our customers. The C-Kore units are designed to simplify subsea testing, so it is very satisfying to hear how the units save so much time and money on offshore operations.”

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