C-Kore mobilises on North Sea Campaign

C-Kore mobilises on North Sea Campaign

C-Kore Systems recently completed a successful campaign on a subsea oil field located in the North Sea.  The C-Kore tools were used to test the electrical integrity of the subsea assets, giving quick feedback to the operator for their maintenance decisions on the field.

C-Kore’s subsea testing tools are used by operators and installation contractors around the world on both installation campaigns and fault-finding operations.  The Cable Monitor unit confirms the insulation resistance and continuity of the electrical lines while the Subsea TDR unit localises anomalies within 20cm.  With C-Kore’s automated units and on-line training, no extra offshore support is needed to run the equipment.

The Lead Subsea Controls Engineer for the customer commented, “We were very impressed with the Subsea TDR unit, being the first time we used it.  It provided very good insight into the state of our subsea equipment.  We will definitely be looking to use it again in the future.”

Greg Smith, General Manager of C-Kore commented further, “Our Subsea TDR units are getting very good results in the field.  It is satisfying to see all our efforts redesigning a traditionally complex tool into a unit very simple to use is getting such great reviews from our customers.  We also look forward to deploying our latest tool, the Subsea Optical TDR later in the summer on another mobilisation.”


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