C-Kore deploys on multiple operations in Australian waters

C-Kore deploys on multiple operations in Australian waters

C-Kore Systems has completed a succession of deployments with an operator in offshore WA Australia. The C-Kore units quickly identified and localised anomalies in the subsea infrastructure saving time and money on the subsea campaign while ensuring the operator gained accurate information to inform the field’s maintenance program. With the automated C-Kore units, no additional offshore personnel were needed to perform the testing.

The C-Kore Subsea Testing tools are used by operators and contractors worldwide on both fault-finding operations and new installation campaigns. The tools provide quick feedback, saving customers money by reducing the time needed to perform subsea tests.

A Subsea Engineer for the operator commented, “We were very pleased with C-Kore’s excellent service and the quick and accurate data their Cable Monitor and Subsea TDR gave. The results achieved could not be obtained using conventional test equipment. With our most recent mobilisation during the COVID-19 crisis, it was a relief we didn’t need to send any personnel offshore with the equipment.”

Greg Smith, General Manager of C-Kore added, “It is great to be able to work so closely with this operator. Their repeated business is testimony to the strong working relationships we build up with our customers and the time and money our technology saves. We were delighted that we could successfully perform measurements on this campaign that had been unsuccessful with conventional testing equipment. With the difficulties of getting people offshore due to COVID-19, it is an added benefit that our equipment can be used without any extra offshore personnel.”


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