C-Kore awarded contract for Statoil

C-Kore awarded contract for Statoil

C-Kore Systems Ltd has been awarded a contract to supply Statoil with Subsea Electrical Monitoring Tools.

Statoil will be using the tools to monitor the insulation resistance and continuity of a new control umbilical during its installation at a field outside Bergen in the northern part of the North Sea.

Tim Overfield, managing director of C-Kore Systems commented, “We are becoming an established value added partner with the operators in the UK region of the North Sea and are excited to be introducing our technology into the Norwegian oil and gas market. Our monitoring units prove themselves to be extremely valuable to our customers by saving them time and money when installing new equipment or performing maintenance operations.”

The C-Kore Subsea Monitoring tools allow operators and installation companies to monitor the  health of electrical equipment and interconnections during the entire installation process, even when traditional monitoring equipment must be removed, thus eliminating the “installing blind” problem. In fault-finding campaigns, the ease of use along with quick and accurate data provided by the units drastically decreases testing times, ultimately reducing the down time to the field.


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