Another successful C-Kore deployment in Australian waters

Another successful C-Kore deployment in Australian waters

C-Kore Systems has successfully completed another offshore campaign off the West Australian North West Shelf.  C-Kore’s subsea testing tools quickly located the faulty subsea equipment allowing it to be replaced to make the field operational again.

C-Kore’s subsea testing tools are used on fault-finding operations to quickly evaluate the health of the subsea equipment.  Their Cable Monitor tool measures the insulation resistance and continuity of electrical lines. When used in conjunction with the Subsea TDR tool, faults can be localised with a precision of 10cm.

Stephen Leung, Subsea Controls Engineer commented, “Our customer was extremely pleased how the C-Kore units worked.  We were able to quickly locate and replace the faulty equipment much quicker than traditional testing methods.  The training and support provided by the C-Kore team was exceptional.”

Greg Smith, General Manager of C-Kore Systems added, “With our tools being so small, we can quickly deploy our units to our customers no matter where they are located.  We take great pride in providing the best service with customised training and 24hr support.  It is very satisfying to hear such great reviews from our customers!”


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