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Subsea Construction

Streamline Construction

C-Kore is a measurement tool used during component installation, both topside and subsea to confirm the health of assets. It has been used to prove the installation of umbilicals, EFLS, SCMs and distribution units. C-Kore automates measurement, giving faster and more reliable data and saving vessel time.

Deployment is possible by hand on deck and remotely by ROV or diver down to 3000m. Measurement can be triggered manually or run to schedule with years of battery life. Test results can be seen on the built-in C-Kore display for instant feedback – these are also logged by the unit as downloadable reports.

The testing tool can be fitted at any stage of the journey from the point of manufacture to final installation on the seabed. It is straightforward to fit, simply replacing the dummy or blanking connector that is normally fitted to subsea assets during transit – only  official parts from the original connector manufacturers are used.

C-Kore Teledyne ODI Nautilus ROV
“We deployed C-Kore subsea with our umbilical which meant we weren’t deploying the second end blind – we had the data.  We had proof that the umbilical was healthy in its final position on the seabed.  And we left C-Kore in place to monitor the umbilical during wet storage until the point of final hook-up.  You can imagine compared to [traditional methods], the vessel time we saved was considerable and the test data was so much better.  We have proof of health when we would normally be blind.”
Client representative, field owner

Automation for Accuracy and Repeatability

By automating testing and keeping all the test apparatus within a sealed, depth-rated housing, C-Kore accelerates testing and brings consistency and repeatability to the testing process. Adverse environmental conditions or changes in personnel do not affect C-Kore as they would a manual testing process and, because C-Kore de-skills the testing process, it can be used by regular vessel personnel. All of this allows substantial vessel time savings

During transport and wet-storage phases, C-Kore tests assets on a user-defined schedule. The built-in sensors can also be used to initiate spot tests as required by an ROV or diver. After running each test C-Kore shows the results on its OLED display for immediate feedback and data logs everything for future retrieval. Using a simple plug-and-play interface it is easy to set up C-Kore to test insulation resistance, continuity resistance and capacitance on any of the cable’s cores.

C-Kore uses a high-capacity rechargeable battery allowing up to a thousand test routines on a single charge. The low-power design also allows the units to remain in standby for years if required. While in standby, C-Kore monitors environmental conditions including any shocks or acceleration of the attached equipment, giving a time-stamped history of asset treatment during transport.

Test Types

  • Insulation Resistance
  • Continuity Resistance
  • Capacitance
  • Shock & Position
  • Temperature

…all in the same unit

Tech Specs