C-Kore supports Shell with subsea testing in the North Sea

C-Kore Systems recently deployed their Cable Monitor subsea testing units in the North Sea to monitor the installation of a new umbilical in Shell’s Nelson field.

The health of the umbilical was constantly monitored and data-logged during the entire installation process from load-out to lay. This gave constant assurance that the cable remained in good health throughout the campaign and was installed successfully on the seabed without damage.

C-Kore’s Cable Monitor Units are used on fault-finding and installation operations worldwide to test electrical line health, including insulation resistance and continuity measurement. With C-Kore’s new Subsea TDR units, any faults discovered can also be localised and categorised.

Greg Smith, General Manager for C-Kore Systems commented, “We are pleased to continue to work closely with Shell on many campaigns, including this new installation project. The C-Kore units have again proved their value, saving Shell money by automating the entire measurement process and eliminating time consuming old-fashioned testing methods.”

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C-Kore Systems welcomes Mats Ekstrøm

C-Kore Systems is delighted to announce Mats Ekstrøm has joined the company to represent C-Kore as Sales Manager – Scandinavia.

Mats has over 30 years of experience in the offshore oil & gas sector, starting his career with Sutec as Service Manager and then working for Dolphin AS as Technical Manager.  The past 20 years Mats worked for MacArtney Norge AS, starting as the Sales Manager and Technical Manager, before moving to Systems Sales Manager and finally Managing Director.

Mats Ekstrøm commented, “I am very excited to be working with the C-Kore team to support the Scandinavian market with their versatile subsea testing tools. The principles of their cost-saving tools fits extremely well with the wishes of the Scandinavian market, reduce costs and the carbon footprint of subsea operations.”

Tim Overfield, Managing Director of C-Kore Systems added, “We are delighted to welcome Mats to our team.  With his knowledge and contacts within the Scandinavian oil & gas market, we are convinced he will succeed in bringing our cost-saving technology to the market.”

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C-Kore Systems successfully completes A/S Norske Shell contract

C-Kore Systems have successfully completed a contract with A/S Norske Shell, where their C-Kore Subsea Testing tools were used to assist with fault-finding in the Draugen field in Norway.  With the use of the C-Kore tools, Shell was able to quickly locate the source of low IR on the field.

C-Kore’s monitoring units are used on installation/commissioning campaigns and fault-finding applications to monitor the electrical lines of subsea equipment. By testing directly onto subsea equipment, the need for platform led testing or down-lines is eliminated, significantly decreasing the time required for subsea testing and saving costs.

Børge Nedal, Shell’s Maintenance Discipline Engineer Subsea Controls said, “We had already spent a lot of time performing testing prior to using C-Kore which hadn’t produced definitive answers.  The C-Kore tools were very easy to use and quickly confirmed where the fault was.  Using the C-Kore tools was a positive experience.”

Greg Smith, General Manager for C-Kore Systems added, “Our design philosophy has always been to keep the tools really simple to use, yet versatile.  It’s great to hear that our units are leading to positive outcomes for our customers and reducing costs of subsea testing by saving them vessel time.”

C-Kore Systems has recently brought out a new brochure.  To download it, or for further information on our innovative subsea testing technology, please visit our website, www.c-kore.com.

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