North Sea embraces C-Kore for fault-finding operations

C-Kore Systems recently deployed their subsea testing tools on three different fault-finding operations on the North Sea for three different UK customers. In each case C-Kore found the root cause of low IR faults, allowing the operators to return the field to health.

The C-Kore testing tools save customers significant money on fault-finding operations by automating and significantly speeding up the subsea testing process. The units are pre-programmed to test as chosen by the customer. They are quickly installed subsea and provide accurate results by removing the effects of down-lines, weather conditions and operator error in traditional testing equipment.

Tim Overfield, managing director of C-Kore commented, “It is nice to hear the compliments our customers give us not only on the ease of use of our equipment, but also the level of service we provide, both on and off-shore. More and more of our customers are using C-Kore as standard equipment when going offshore for low IR operations, saving significant money by reducing the testing time required.”

C-Kore Systems will be demonstrating our units at the Underwater Technology Conference in Bergen 20-22nd June. Stop by to see us!

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C-Kore Systems delivers Subsea Testing unit to USA

C-Kore Systems delivered a C-Kore unit to a major integrated Oil and Gas Company with operations in the Gulf of Mexico. The unit will be used for fault finding on their assets in the Gulf of Mexico.
Tim Overfield, managing director of C-Kore commented, “We are already working with many of the operators and installation contractors in the North Sea. It is satisfying to see our technology branching out into other sectors that will experience the same cost savings our other customers have.”
The C-Kore Subsea Testing Tools are used on both fault-finding and construction campaigns to confirm the health or find faults in all types of electrical assets, including umbilicals, EFLs, SCMs and distribution units.
C-Kore Systems will be exhibiting at the Subsea Tieback Exhibition 21st – 23rd March in San Antonio, Texas, USA. Come and visit us.

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C-Kore & Shell – Subsea Expo presentation summary

In case you missed it, here is a summary from our joint presentation with Shell UK at Subsea Expo 2017:

“Shell have encountered low Insulation Resistance faults on installed subsea equipment, but traditional fault identification methods are not always accurate and make finding the causes of low IR labour intensive, time consuming and thus costly. In a drive to seek alternative solutions and utilise new technology to enable cost reduction, maximise the effectiveness and minimise offshore staff and equipment requirements of fault-finding campaigns, Shell held discussions with C-Kore about the suitability of their equipment.

Our first deployment with C-Kore (of four in 2016) was on the Corrib field, we were comfortable trying the tool as it was already at TRL7 and had been used by other oil majors. Although C-Kore was previously used to monitor new umbilical’s during lay, Shell saw its potential as a quick subsea fault-finding tool.

Using C-Kore delivered value to Shell in several ways. Firstly, there was a tangible vessel time saving of approximately 2 days. We requested an engineer for the first deployment, but later were happy operating the equipment ourselves, so there was a personnel saving as well. Secondly, C-Kore gave us an improved diagnostic capability, allowing us to discover additional faults in the field, that would have been masked by the primary fault if traditional diagnostic methods were used. We were also able to gather timestamped diagnostic reports for all the branches and many individual components of the subsea infrastructure, allowing us to identify marginal components for the future IR surveillance and/or proactive maintenance.”

Alex Joseph, Shell UK

For further details please see the Subsea Expo – Presentation Slides:

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C-Kore & Shell to give joint presentation at Subsea Expo

There’s an update to this post!

C-Kore & Shell – Subsea Expo Presentation Summary

C-Kore Systems and Shell UK will give a joint presentation at the Subsea Expo Conference Thursday the 2nd of February in Aberdeen. The presentation will focus on the use of the C-Kore Subsea Testing technology during intervention operations on Shell’s Corrib field.

Subsea interventions are challenging operations. The C-Kore Subsea measurement tool simplifies the subsea testing process for subsea engineers during intervention campaigns. It provides far more accurate data readings than traditional testing methods and saves customers money by reducing days of vessel time.

Cynthia Pikaar, sales manager of C-Kore commented, “It is nice to have the recognition from Shell that we are a valued partner, providing a service that not only saves them a lot of money, but also gives them valuable information about their subsea infrastructure. By sharing their findings with the rest of the industry, we hope to open up discussions on how we can help other operators.”

C-Kore will be exhibiting at Subsea Expo in Aberdeen the 1st – 3rd of February, where they will have their C-Kore tools on-hand. Come and visit us on booth #118!

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PTTEP to present C-Kore findings at IPTC 2016

PTTEP evaluated C-Kore with excellent results and will be presenting their findings on Subsea Insulation Resistance Monitoring at the International Petroleum Technology Conference, IPTC in Bangkok on Wednesday 16th of November 2016.

PTTEP found “Offshore testing can be significantly simplified with this meter, and overall schedule reduced. This in turn would save substantial costs during offshore inspection and fault finding campaigns. The result of the test by the new technique is more reliable, consistent and cost effective method to confirm insulation resistance in a subsea cable system.”

Different technologies were evaluated by PTTEP, including the C-Kore Subsea Monitoring Tool to determine the integrity of subsea cables during intervention operations. They trialed the patented C-Kore low-voltage technology in the field as an alternative to conventional subsea testing methods.

To download the complete abstract click here: http://bit.ly/2fHvOri

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