C-Kore Subsea Testing Units Deployed for Chrysaor

C-Kore Systems celebrated another successful deployment in the North Sea for Chrysaor’s Maria field. Once again, the C-Kore subsea testing units demonstrated their value, by reducing the testing time required compared to traditional approaches.

C-Kore’s Cable Monitor Units are used on fault-finding and installation operations to test electrical line health, including insulation resistance and continuity measurement. With C-Kore’s new Subsea TDR units, any faults discovered can also be localized and categorized.

With their small size, the units were easy to deploy to the worksite and easily manoeuvred between various testing locations. They saved time compared to traditional IR platform testing by quickly returning the test results.

Greg Smith, General Manager for C-Kore Systems continued, “It is really very satisfying to hear the positive feedback from our customers. We designed the tools to be versatile while remaining easy to use, a key trait all our customers comment on”.

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C-Kore Subsea Testing units successfully deployed by PTTEP

C-Kore Systems Ltd recently completed another successful deployment for PTTEP Australasia. The supplied C-Kore Subsea Testing units optimized the offshore operation, quickly bringing the field back on-line.

C-Kore’s Subsea Testing tools are used to monitor the health of electrical systems by measuring the insulation resistance and continuity directly onto assets subsea. They are easy to deploy and give quick, accurate results while eliminating the need to work with down-lines.

Tony Suphawat, Electrical & Instrument Engineer at PTTEP commented, “The C-Kore units worked great! These excellent devices quickly located our fault, optimizing our offshore operation. We now have our subsea system back on-line.”

Greg Smith, General Manager of C-Kore continued, “We love to hear such great reactions from our customers. The C-Kore units are designed to simplify subsea testing, so it is very satisfying to hear how the units save so much time and money on offshore operations.”

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C-Kore Systems awarded contract with A/S Norske Shell

C-Kore Systems recently secured a contract with A/S Norske Shell for a deployment in the fall 2018 on their Draugen field in Norway. The agreement includes the delivery of their C-Kore Subsea Testing tools to test the insulation resistance and continuity of electrical lines subsea.

C-Kore’s monitoring units are used on installation/commissioning campaigns and fault-finding applications to monitor the electrical lines of subsea equipment. By testing directly onto subsea equipment, the need for platform led testing or down-lines is eliminated.

Cynthia Pikaar, sales manager for C-Kore Systems commented, “We have been working closely with Shell Aberdeen for a long time and are delighted to work with Shell in Norway on this deployment. Our equipment saves customers a lot of time on their subsea testing operations, allowing them to reduce the operation’s overall CO2 footprint.”

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Successful C-Kore deployment for Bibby Offshore

C-Kore Systems has recently deployed their subsea testing tools units with Bibby Offshore for work on a field located in the North Sea. The use of the C-Kore’s units generated significant time savings, compared to previous testing performed from the platform.

The C-Kore Cable Monitor units are used on both commissioning and fault-finding campaigns to test the insulation resistance and continuity of the electrical lines. Their new C-Kore Subsea TDR can also localize and identify any faults found.

Stuart Woolrich, Senior Project Engineer for Bibby Offshore commented, “We are pleased the way the C-Kore tools operated. Being small, they are easy to mobilize, deploy and use subsea. Once onsite, our divers were able to obtain quick results and successfully located the IR fault. In this case, the testing program was completed in a shorter timeframe and provided more flexibility to the program compared to sole platform testing.

Tim Overfield, managing director of C-Kore systems continued, “It is great to hear how pleased our customers are with our subsea testing tools. The money saved by reducing the testing times is so significant that our customers request our tools on further deployments they have planned.”

Successful C-Kore deployment for Bibby Offshore2018-05-22T15:09:31+00:00

C-Kore’s Subsea Testing Units Deployed off Egypt

C-Kore Systems closed off an excellent 2017 with an installation/commissioning campaign for the Egyptian Atoll project in collaboration with Subsea 7’s office in Paris. The C-Kore Subsea Testing units increased the efficiency of the vessel operations, saving the customer time and money on the deployment of new umbilicals.

Li Ming-Shi, pre-commissioning engineer for Subsea 7 in Paris commented, “The C-Kore Units give us new options to monitor our umbilicals during their installation then subsea testing, providing more operational flexibility this technology eliminates the need of any down-lines or by-passes required in traditional testing methods. The timely & efficient support C-kore team provided during project execution is also to be highly praised. We are looking forward to working with C-Kore again in our future operations.”

The C-Kore Subsea Testing units are increasingly recognized as the tools of choice for operators and installation contractors for their automated monitoring during transit and lay, and simple subsea testing to prove equipment’s health on the seabed immediately prior to hook-up. This is a much better alternative to traditional top side or platform led testing. The C-Kore units eliminate the need for a down-line by plugging directly into equipment. They provide quick and accurate results, greatly decreasing the testing time on subsea campaigns.

Tim Overfield, managing director of C-Kore commented, “We have had a great 2017 and expect even more for 2018. All our customers come back for repeat business, as they see how easy the units are to use, how their subsea installation or fault-finding operations become simple, and how much money our services save them.”

C-Kore Systems will be exhibiting at Subsea Tieback Forum Offshore – 13th to 15th of March, in Galveston, TX, USA. We will have our new Subsea TDR unit and Pressure Monitor unit on hand. If you are in the area, please stop by and visit our Stand 1021.

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C-Kore’s Subsea TDR First Deployment

Subsea UK News reports on the first deployment of C-Kore’s Subsea TDR.

The article highlights the cost savings achieved by Nexen on a fault-finding operation on the Telford field in the North Sea. C-Kore new Subsea TDR localises and identifies faults subsea without the need for downlines.

To read the full article, please click here.

C-Kore’s Subsea TDR First Deployment2018-01-24T12:23:21+00:00

C-Kore Systems helping operator in Caspian region

C-Kore Systems recently deployed their fault-finding tools with a major operator working in the Caspian Basin. The units quickly located the fault in the subsea field, allowing the operator to replace the faulty equipment and bring the systems back on-line with a minimum of vessel time.

The C-Kore Subsea testing tools offer substantial savings to operators by allowing them to quickly locate the source of low IR or high CR in their subsea systems. The hand-held tools allow the measurements to be made directly subsea, eliminating the need for down-lines with all their associated problems.

The operator’s Subsea Controls Engineer commented, “The C-Kore units worked great. They were so easy to use. We found the fault much quicker than we would have with our normal fault-finding techniques.”

Tim Overfield, managing director of C-Kore added, “We are pleased to have again helped a repeat customer, this time on a fault-finding operation. The return of our clients is a tribute to our hard work and the added value our C-Kore units have on their deployment and fault-finding operations, saving them time and money. With our new TDR product coming out, we will also be able to locate the faults on other operations such as the testing of down-hole equipment.”

C-Kore Systems helping operator in Caspian region2017-10-26T08:30:34+00:00

Down-Hole Testing added to C-Kore Systems Subsea Services

C-Kore Systems recently expanded the application of their subsea testing technology to down-hole testing.

The new application was tested on Total’s K5F field off the coast of the Netherlands. The C-Kore units helped locate the source of low IR on the down-hole system by plugging directly into the subsea Christmas tree, eliminating the need to use down-lines. The hand-held, pre-programmable units were easily installed by divers who located the fault quickly with limited diving time.

Thomas Schwerdtfeger, head of Subsea Controls for Total E&P Netherlands, “We were keen to test this relatively new technology in a new application to see if it would be as easy to use in a down-hole testing operation. The units proved to work very well, quickly assisting us in locating the source of the short.”

Tim Overfield, managing director of C-Kore added, “It is nice to know that our customers are so pleased with our technology, that they come back with new applications to use it in. We’ve designed our technology to be easy to use, so it is only natural that we are finding more applications where our technology helps save our customers time and money.”

C-Kore Systems will be presenting at the 3rd Annual Advanced Subsea Power and Heating Cables for the Oil&Gas Industry in Edinburgh 27th and 28th of September. Come hear us talk!

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C-Kore Systems signs agreement with Shell for subsea technology

C-Kore Systems have developed a new subsea technology which will save the UKCS subsea industry time and money.

The new subsea technology was utilised on Shell’s Corrib field. The C-Kore units found the root cause of multiple IR faults, allowing the field to be brought back to full performance. The C-Kore Subsea Testing Tools are used on both fault-finding and construction campaigns to confirm the health or find faults in all types of electrical assets, including umbilicals, EFLs, SCMs, distribution units and down-hole sensors. They help return fields to efficient operation and reduce vessel time needed for installation and maintenance operations.

Tim Overfield, managing director of C-Kore said, “We are happy to be providing such a valuable service to our customers. Our tools simplify subsea testing, saving substantial money by reducing vessel times on operations.”

Tom Moore, Subsea & Pipelines Surveillance Team Lead of Shell UK commented, “The C-Kore technology has proved to be very valuable to Shell this last year. We used it on multiple campaigns, saving us considerable costs while giving us improved diagnostic capabilities.”

Shell UK has signed a supplier agreement with C-Kore Systems, a UK based company which will allow C-Kore Systems to quickly provide Shell with their patented C-Kore Subsea Testing tools.

C-Kore Systems signs agreement with Shell for subsea technology2017-07-06T09:08:30+00:00

North Sea embraces C-Kore for fault-finding operations

C-Kore Systems recently deployed their subsea testing tools on three different fault-finding operations on the North Sea for three different UK customers. In each case C-Kore found the root cause of low IR faults, allowing the operators to return the field to health.

The C-Kore testing tools save customers significant money on fault-finding operations by automating and significantly speeding up the subsea testing process. The units are pre-programmed to test as chosen by the customer. They are quickly installed subsea and provide accurate results by removing the effects of down-lines, weather conditions and operator error in traditional testing equipment.

Tim Overfield, managing director of C-Kore commented, “It is nice to hear the compliments our customers give us not only on the ease of use of our equipment, but also the level of service we provide, both on and off-shore. More and more of our customers are using C-Kore as standard equipment when going offshore for low IR operations, saving significant money by reducing the testing time required.”

C-Kore Systems will be demonstrating our units at the Underwater Technology Conference in Bergen 20-22nd June. Stop by to see us!

North Sea embraces C-Kore for fault-finding operations2017-06-16T10:34:05+00:00