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C-Kore Subsea TDR

C-Kore Subsea TDR

The C-Kore Subsea TDR is a compact automated tool for testing subsea electrical assets. It can be configured in advance by C-Kore System Ltd or set up in the field easily by the end-user. It is simple to use, automating the previously complex work of driving a TDR.

The TDR is normally used in tandem with the Cable Monitor for fault-finding. Once the Cable Monitor has narrowed the location of a fault to a single component (for example an in-field umbilical) the TDR is used to precisely identify where in the cable the fault resides. This knowledge can be used to inform repair versus replacement strategies. By measuring directly subsea, the problems of deck-based downline testing are eliminated, including impedance mismatches, offset errors, faulty downlines and the difficulty of driving the TDR correctly.

For new asset installation the TDR can be used to characterise cables for future reference and find discontinuities in impedance that have not effected the insulation resistance. As this testing is automated, vessel time and personnel requirements can be reduced to achieve cost savings. The unit can be deployed subsea to take TDR readings directly once installation is complete.

The unit is powered by a high-capacity rechargeable battery for stand-alone operation. Simple user configuration is possible with a plug-and-play USB connection to choose what the unit will test and when. Every result is data-logged and the unit has built-in software for result analysis.

C-Kore PC Configuration USB

Main Benefits

  • Precisely locate faults and discontinuities within electrical cables
  • Save vessel and personnel costs with fast automated testing
  • Measure directly subsea for repeatable, reliable test results
  • Safe for divers and SCMs, high-voltage permits not required
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CKore DigiTron ROV Plug
CKore DigiTron Diver Recepticle
CKore DigiTron Diver Plug
  • Siemens (Tronic) DigiTRON version with both ROV and Diver options

  • Teledyne ODI Nautilus version with both ROV and Diver options

  • Both genders stocked in 4, 7 & 12-ways for both connector families

  • Official parts from original connector manufacturers, we work closely with Siemens and Teledyne

  • Large stock of standard connectors to react quickly to urgent requirements

  • Other connector types are available on request, including Tronic Mini-CE and power connectors

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The CKore Subsea TDR units are small and self-contained, allowing for simple handling on the deck and subsea. To save time they can be deployed in the ROV tooling tray, diver cage or basket.

The exact unit specification varies with the measurement connector type, details for a typical unit are given below:

  • Dimensions: 355 x 258 x 124 (mm)

  • Weight (in air): 5 – 7kg

  • Depth Rating: 3000 msw

  • Operating Temperature: -10°C to +60°C

C-Kore Transit Case

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