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Simplify Subsea Testing

Subsea tools for fault-finding and construction campaigns

  • Save multiple days vessel time
  • Cut downtime and get fields operational
  • Obtain quick & reliable results
See C-Kore in action

It’s time to modernise subsea electrical testing.

For too long fault-finding and installation tasks have relied on error-prone manual measurement, using downlines of dubious condition or burdensome platform-led testing.

C-Kore eliminates these problems allowing testing to be completed much faster by automating the entire testing process, saving you days of vessel time. It’s a package not much bigger than a dummy plug that can be fitted by top-side personnel or subsea by divers or ROV.

It’s safe for use on all subsea infrastructure, giving you better data faster.

✔ Umbilicals and power cables

✔ EFLs – Electrical Flying Leads and Jumpers

✔ SCMs – Subsea Control Modules

✔ SDUs – Subsea Distribution Units and Manifolds

✔ DHPT – Down-Hole Sensors and Cables

✔ More – Anything else electrical!

C-Kore PC Configuration USB

Fault Finding

“Offshore testing can be significantly simplified with this meter, and overall schedule reduced. This in turn would save substantial costs during offshore inspection and fault finding campaigns. The result of the test by the new technique is more reliable, consistent and cost effective method to confirm insulation resistance in a subsea cable system.”
Martijn Wisselink – PTTEP
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New Installations

“The C-Kore unit proved to be a simple and effective way of monitoring the status of the cable during all stages of the operation. The ease of use, the simple way of connection to a [laptop] to download the measurements and the fact that the unit could be left installed on the termination box during deployment of the last cable end makes it easy to recommend this solution for future projects.”
Arnstein Austrheim Lid – Statoil
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C-Kore is versatile and easy to use. Multiple test types prove the health of your assets and find faults.